ZingBus Expresso and the OYOization of long distance bus travel

Hitanshu Gandhi    Updated
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Two weeks, I discovered the OYOization of long distance bus travel!

The realization hit me as I tailed two buses that were fast yet well behaved shiny new buses full of MBA jargon – startups are ensuring quality bus travel!

That’s how i discovered zingbus and Expresso, two companies that truly solve the last niggle in long distance bus travel – bus quality!

Portals like redbus make it easy to buy tickets but the underlying services have been erratic because Indians by and large buy cheap and the lowest common denominator wins in the end.

#LongDistanceBuses in India are no one’s preferred travel option. Even though pioneers like Shrinath Travels ensured decent service quality, the field has a LOT of problems:

  • CX is terrible! Even astrologers cannot predict Bus arrival timings
  • #PickupStops are vague at best and often downright scary for solo women
  • #Hygiene at rest stops is barely acceptable & toilets infrequent on newer highways like ALE
  • Bus quality is uncertain (Recall the bus mastheads painted Volgo / BM Dablu!)
  • #Amenities are limited to the odd waterbottle
  • Driver quality is uncertain

This is exactly the space that startups can disrupt with a managed systems approach, much like OYO did with budget hotels! If only they UV sanitize their AC systems, that’ll be super safe!

Kudos to them for Making India Long Distance Bus Travel Great Again!

Do share your experiences #idleubermusings