Why you should buy Internet Security not just an Antivirus

Hitanshu Gandhi    Updated
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TL;DR – Staying safe on the internet is harder than ever. Network attacks could hit you within a minute even if you do not click on suspicious links or open dubious attachments. Today, we have more smart devices online than human beings further increasing our risk. So, buy Internet Security suites for peace of mind.

Why does EVERYONE need Internet Security not just plain anti-virus?

Most antivirus vendors’ comparison pages are full of USELESS jargon inducing fear, uncertainty and doubt which simply cannot be prioritized by a non-technical user.

The reality is that the threat has evolved dramatically – with many attacks utilizing weaknesses or errors or simply bad code to install malicious software such as Ransomware without your conscious awareness, such as NotPetya. In the case of NotPetya, the attackers loaded their software onto target computers via auto-updates of a tax software. Here’s the full riveting back-story.

Sadly, the attacks can materialize in a matter of days after the exploits are publicized, which can be too painful to stay on top of. The number of connected devices to manage in our homes continues to grow exponentially making it harder to keep track. Thus, attacks happen faster and without any conscious mistakes on the part of the user via the network, to which our systems are always connected.

Thus – the 100? you save in the anti-virus only purchase can prove to be extremely expensive. I would in fact say that internet security is more important than regular antivirus today!

What do I use on my own and my son’s personal systems?

eSet Internet security – it bundles a free license for a single mobile device which I use for my mother. I have been using it since 2011 in office so am loathe to change. But I equally realize no one is perfect.

What are the features that do not matter for the common wo/man aka aam aadmi?

  • Password manager – Chrome and Firefox have it built in!
  • PREMIUM or ULTIMATE antivirus, identity and privacy protection – LOL, junk marketing jargon
  • Encrypted storage – Not only do specialist tools exist and if I, a decently internet savvy person didn’t need it since 1998 – its not for the average person. Of course, if you REALLY needed it, you’d already have it!
  • Secure VPN – Again,I doubt this would be anything more than Brave browsing via Tor – rather than a true VPN that allows you to access geographically limited content. Not needed from most

What are other vendors I would recommend to others? Picking a software from their LOCAL antivirus leader.

Why is that important?

The local leader is always most attuned to their local security incidents and the software will be patched the quickest for the malware that’s most wild in YOUR region. Let’s be honest – all vendors are proactive but incident response could vary by a few hours depending on the geography. That gives you peace of mind.

Quick Heal – They are India’s largest anti virus company. Further, a quick search shows their product still supports Windows XP – thus they are a SAFE bet for users on OLD systems. In contrast, any company that primarily sells bundled OS or top enterprise sales will primarily focus on Windows 10 – because all their customers would have long moved to Windows 10 with Windows 7 having reached end of support life from Microsoft. Google can help you there.

Quick Heal still supports Windows XP!

McAfee – They are veterans and pretty much THE standard for USA and Western Europe, just like Kaspersky is for Russia / CIS.