Vu 55″ FHD Smart LED TV Quick Review

Hitanshu Gandhi  
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This is as shared by a friend on a closed messaging group of my buddies. It is nice enough feedback that warrants being blogged.

TV in question:

The TV is absolutely fantastic! It looks like any other premium brand and has a solid feel to it.

But the best part is the Display! I may not be an expert but I don’t see any difference compared to the premuim brands! I watched a lot of great quality online HD content, SD channels on Tata Sky, Few videos I had on USB etc. The qualiy is on par with the other brands.

The fact that it cost me 52K for the TV and 5.2 K for 2 years extended warranty, it works out to be more than great value for money. For comparison, 55 inch TVs from the other brands like LG, Sony and Samsung are all above 1 lakh mark! Sony’s 55 smart TV is 1.2 lakhs! I’m getting a 3  years warranty on a TV that cost me 57.2K so I’m not even losing sleep on the quality aspect.


The remote is intuitive and has a dedicated Youtube and NetFlix button. The software running the TV is also nice. Has a built in browser and manual says that I can connect and use a wired or wireless keyboard and mouse with the TV (haven’t tried that yet). This means that for general browsing purpose the TV will be sufficient at home! Has many apps too including facebook but I have not yet tried them.

The best part is that connectivity and integration options with other devices including smartphones. The AnyCast works really well with my Andriod phone. I didn’t have to install any app for it. Just casting the screen connects it and then I see my phone’s screen mirrored on the TV. I can play all the videos or music from the phone directly on the TV using this.

With the iPhone 5s, the youtube app is able to connect and work as advertised but there doesn’t seem to be any built-in option to cast/mirror like the one in my andriod. I have not yet checked for apps that may provide this feature. (so not sure if it is even possible). Casting / Mirroring is very useful for watching all the whatsapp videos from friends and families on the big screen.

Side notes:

I thought i would probably have to upgrade my internet connection for watching HD content but in the last 2-3 days, no video went into “buffering” mode. So that’s working out well too. I do not have any FUP on my home connection, so this is going to work out really well for me!

Delivery experience:
Getting the TV on FlipKart was painless. They delivered, next day and installed it on day2. Getting the extended warranty was also painless as it is completely online from the website.