Three Months with the Redmi Note 3

Hitanshu Gandhi  
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I love the RN3 except the fact that it runs Android, its crappy speaker output (easy to miss calls if ringer <100%) and the outright horrible camera. Day and night difference vs my (now screwed) iPhone.

That said, its battery (with two SIMs and crappy airtel nw) is just 20% (30%?) better than my iPhone which ran on 3G. the iPhone 6 easily lasts a day. RN3 lasts almost as much but with two SIMs and the problem that it keeps latching on to 4G even in “Prefer 3G mode”.

What I love in MIUI?
a. 15 activities that don’t need an app!
b. Fine grained multi tasking control for longer battery life
c. Call recording
d. Deep permission control esp for data usage
e. Brilliant themes
f. Brilliant messaging app (separate real SMS from notifications, copy OTP, message 4 recently dialed nos etc).

A note about supposedly high memory consumption on MIUI?
How does the free RAM matter to you unless its a low number like 10-20 MB? Android is now better at memory management and takes care of closing apps automatically.

As long as the phone is responsive esp for multitasking, you should be happy, instead of worrying about academic data that beyond a minimum threshold has little bearing on your user experience. Is your phone responsive in opening new apps or switching between them? If so, then chill!

My RN3 has 500-800 MB of 3GB free at any time (16%-23%). But it flies and multi-tasking is a joy. That’s all that matters to me now.

While I love MIUI, there are a few issues too:a. Inability to read SMSes / mark them read from the notifications itself.
b. TINY height of notification icons. on a 1080p screen they are small. As if someone forgot to scale them from 720p or so. Stupid mistake but I am living with it.
c. Needing to use two fingers (on a heavy as hell 5.5″ phone) to expand notification unlike on AOSP where just swiping the said notification down is enough. This is painful. Earlier I would “skim” news by simply reading the 3-4 line notifications. Not on MIUI.

Other weird stuff that has never happened before:
a. On a recent conference call I had to passively listen for ~10+ minutes. Getting bored, I opened a browser window to pass time. In the interim, the “InCallUI” which displays the active call, died. Hence I could not multi task back into the call. My only option was to open the True Phone dialer app which atleast showed a call in progress and allowed me to disconnect it.Outright embarassing.