We’re all wrong about WhiteHatJunior

Hitanshu Gandhi    Updated
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As always, this is a part of my #idleubermusings on LinkedIn and was posted there first.

My wife said: “We’re ALL wrong about WhiteHatJuniorall this while! Its not parents, but kids who are real buyers!”

WHJ has achieved unprecedented traction by adding two deadly sins – greed and envy to a non-existent market – coding tuition!

They have been heavily panned for their over the top ads that inspire greed / FOMO. But as we learned from my son’s and my friends, the real virality is coming from children

Unlike Olympiads whose medals are too hard and long delayed – WHJ has perfect instant gratification and brag value among other kids. Its very easy for any kid to build & share shiny brag worthy things with their peer group – much like how every other 7-10 year old kid i know I started (& abandoned) a YouTube channel in the summer vacation!

Hence, kudos to the WHJ team – they have created a product that is not too expensive for its TG – that taps into the primal anxieties of their clients as well as desire of the end user children to be stars!

Leave overpromising ads aside – for Smart parents it is yet another OPTION for the rat race – NCR schools have been offering JEE classes for 6th standard for years. Why hate only on WHJ? They cracked it like no one else did!

The question is what next? Who will build the next product that taps our primal anxieties?