The NCG beliefs

Hitanshu Gandhi    Updated
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  1. Rule against rules – I do not intend this community to become a large faceless nameless entity where immature participants rule the roost. We are all adults who can apply our sound judgment, should broadly consider the best case rationale in any scenario and not take things personally.
    • Over whatsapp – feedback will be direct and may seem harsh but brevity is the nature of the medium. Nothing is personal. Chill
  2. PPA aka Parampara Pratishta Anushasan – Signal to Noise Ratio is key. We are a fairly punny funny group but any jokes or off topic discussions are best taken up on our Bakar sub-group. Whatsapp becomes very confusing when multiple conversations happen simultaneously – so please, stay on topic. As a gentle reminder to minimize off topic messages – the PPA meme is invoked!Parampara Pratishta Anushasan
  3. We love to debate / dissect / critique our coffee: This could be one member saying, “damn this is one bitter coffee, not buying it ever”. No punches held back!
  4. Home brewers first: I dont want home brewers to hesitate before discussing things. e.g We just agreed that a 300 bucks scale is better than Timemore 5000 or acaia for MOST users except the most discerning or rich. That same question got me kicked out of India CBC. I don’t want that politically correct culture here – members here speak their mind.
  5. We LOVE questions and cross-questioning. This is not a group for cheer-leading or showoff. Its a lively happy group where only in debate do we learn. If you post a 2L gadget – please be prepared to answer why you spent 2L when a 25k alternative existed. Its not personal – we truly seek to learn.
  6. We are equal: This bears repeating: you dont have to be an expert barista or seasoned pour-over maestro to fit in. You can be a beginner who cold brews with a channi and be fine. Whether you own a 5L espresso machine, a 400Rs V60, an aeropress or a south Indian filter, you belong here. No one here is going to look down on you just because you are new to brewing coffee.
  7. Seek first to understand, then to be understood: Linked to #6 – if you’re new, its worth understanding why the general belief on the group goes a certain way instead of dismissing it or jumping to conclusions. Whatsapp chats sadly are devoid of context / tone and sometimes seem much more abrupt than intended. Dont make it personal and don’t take it personally either. Argue against the other person’s points, not their personality. The goal is to share ideas, not convert others.

The rules borrow on the kindred spirit of India’s then pioneering bicycle community, Bikeszone written by the unmatched Guadzilla! 🙂