Vivek Tyres Gurgaon can straighten your car’s bent wheel rims

Hitanshu Gandhi    Updated
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TLDR – If your car’s steel wheel rims are bent and you have minor vibrations when you drive, then head to Vivek Tyres Gurgaon (on Google as Bajrang Tyres). Their phone number is 9958398042

Vivek Tyres, Sheetla Mata Mandir Road, mobile 9958398042

This is a very affordable and sensible place and Mr Sonu is a great mechanic to straighten your car rims to remove bubbling which results in vibrations like your typical old cab. This is unavoidable in Gurgaon because our roads are horrible and never going to improve. OEM workshops do not want to do this and will instead want to change the rim, which is stupid and an environmental disaster.

We paid just 450 for wheel alignment, balancing and rim straightening. Heartily recommend them. They are always busy so plan for a 45-50 min visit.

As of Aug 2021, they charged 50? to remove, straighten and refit each tyre which is a bargain.

This blog post was created because I could not find where to get my car wheel straightened / repaired and balanced in Gurgaon or Delhi. Now you do 🙂

PS: I have no commercial affiliation whatsoever. Just leaving this here to save time for others.