Will STOA school disrupt Indian MBA education

Hitanshu Gandhi    Updated

TL;DR – STOA School represents the brave new world of education disruptors who wish to make MBA education more accessible / affordable by setting up a 12 week MBA bootcamp at a fraction of the cost of a traditional MBA. This can disrupt the market at the lower end, much as Lambda School is doing to tech.

LinkedIn post with the discussion at: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6718932894145884160/

Is STOA school the ISB MBA reimagined for the internet age & a middle class audience? I see seeds of an excellent marketplace approach for low end disruption of an MBA!

After a long time, I felt excited by the STOA school announcement (no association)

Let’s see – what is an MBA beyond the coursework?

  • Placements
  • Professors
  • Peer Group
  • Perceived Credentials

Unfortunately, costs for MBAs have gone through the roof across the board. That makes online MBAs much more attractive. However, a quick Google reveals most such MBAs to basically sell credentials over a long drawn period.

This means the market is ripe for classic low end disruption, as Prof Clayton Christensen taught. Outside of the bluechip universe, many companies would be willing to pay a reasonable premium for an “MBA finishing school”. Now, McKinsey HUL will certainly not step outside IIMA ISB soon, but STOA can be a good enough alternative for the wider market!

STOA can change the game – like any growth oriented startup, they have the mix right –

  • Working professional friendly
  • Quick RoI
  • Focus on actionable basics
  • Placement with future soonicorns guaranteed

What next? a Lambda school for MBAs? Would you consider studying at STOA? Hiring from STOA?

I have NO association with anyone. Just felt excited by it, and thus this musing. I could be totally wrong and have egg on my face in 2 years. Who knows. Regardless, my very best wishes to Vaibhav Domkundwar Aditya Kulkarni Raj Kunkolienkar and all involved 🙂

For reference, Vaibhav’s LinkedIn thread and Raj’s tweet thread.

EDIT: Minor egg on my face! I also realized SunStone Eduversity is a pioneer in the same space.

Disclaimers: Please note – this is just an uninvolved party saying “wow what a concept, why did this not happen earlier?!” Caveat Emptor always applies esp for subsequent batches. This one will certainly fly but as seasoned consultants know – pilot (projects) never fail, but you never know some pilots never scale either! So get in early for sure!

My inspiration is the kickass buddy Konark Singhal whose done a fantastic job with the tech finishing school MountBlue and Ben Thompson James Allworth who keep talking about business reinvention with “internet first” assumptions & the shape of low end disruption. STOA feels exactly how Ben & James would’ve thought about it.