Safest haircut in the post-COVID era

Hitanshu Gandhi    Updated
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TL;DR Yes, its best to trim your own hair but when you must, then masking + UVC air purification or ventilation + quick cuts is the way to go!

Here are ideas I have used since salons reopened:

  1. Outdoor if possible, else keep the door open
    1. Sit next to the door if you must be inside
    2. If indoor, carry your own UVC air purifier – hardly any salon has invested in air sanitization
    3. Go in off-peak hours to minimize time spent around unmasked folks
  2. N95 mask + Face shield for the stylist. Carry one (Apollo sells one in 50 Rs)
  3. Wear your N95 mask at all times – hold it with your hand if the barber needs to work on your sideburns
  4. Make sure the barber sanitizes their hands/equipment in advance
    1. Use disposable aprons on your body
  5. Get a simple haircut – make sure it is all over in under 10 min, the lesser the better
  6. Minimize any conversation – the more you talk, the more you / the barber exhale and the more droplets can be transmitted

What about you? Please share any learning you would have