Sach pass trip accommodation

Hitanshu Gandhi  
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This quick post summarises the best options for staying while attempting Sach Pass. A. Satrundi 3400m This place is ideal if you have slept the previous night at 2000m or more. There’s only two places here – two dhabas with the capacity of six people each. Nice and cosy at the princely sum of 150/head. Locals even whispered that if you’re really late and tired (like a cyclist) the policemen will let you sleep in their all weather camps, which are weather proof. The phone number in the photo no longer works as BSNL has shut down that tower. B. Bairagarh This is ideal for normal travelers who aren’t racing on the clock. I was. Bairagarh is a nondescript village of a sudden or so houses along the main road. Luckily the best hotel is the first one, Chamunda Hotel. They have CCTV camera in the premises so you’re totally safe! My room even had a Toshiba TV!