Riding Gear – 2015 Update

Hitanshu Gandhi    Updated
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Since buying the CBR, I have upgraded / renewed much of my gear. Here’s the updates:
– Helmet: SOL SL48S: http://www.solhelmets.com/en/products_main.php?G0=1&G1=19&G2=28&Page=1
Very decent helmet except fiddly quality of vents. Somehow after some 600km of use, I was getting some wind noise while it was quite silent on the way out.

– Gloves: Aspida Phaeton. Very decent SUMMER gloves. They are not fit for winter – are heavily recommended though.

– Saddlebag: Rynox Nomad v2.1 (I’d have bought the Viaterra Rapide if it was available). This works perfectly, looks good and does not touch the exhaust. The 60L of space is a godsend. The water bottles will foul with the pillion’s legs though. Heavily recommended.

– Tankbag: Viaterra Fly magnetic. Works perfectly, even if it is a bit smaller than my liking (compared to my 2006 Studds tankbag).The size is okay given the tank shape though. It hardly carries enough stuff though. It does not move under any sort of braking.

I am still using my old jackets (Fieldsheer mesh and Cortech Drax for winter) and riding pants. I would recommend even Any Aspida product whole heartedly.

Where to buy this?
Karol Bagh it is in general but only if Riders Planet doesnt have your stuff. There is value in buying from a shop that has proper inventory control. For all their great range, Chopra Co doesn’t always have helmet sizes in all brands and their handling of helmets is less than stellar given their cooped up space.

– Tyres: The OEM tyre is crappy and fishtails at 15 kph in mud. You get Michelin and Pirelli in a 5-7k range.