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Preface: Why even do this?

As a proud clinically OCD person, I have a higher threshold for finesse than most folks and pay close attention to the usability of an item, not just its price. I take a lot of care in my research and therefore this is a place to summarize all of them.

Lockdown clothing: Jockey Men’s muscle tee (#9930) and Da Mensch briefs

Both of these are supremely comfortable second skin which are an absolute delight to wear all day long as opposed to usual clothes that aren’t all this soft. Da Mensch is absolutely amazing – better than its competitor FreeCultr as well. It is better to walk wearing DaMensch than in running shorts that have an inner brief – even that causes chafing for me.

Breville Precision Brewer BDC455

The BPB represents peak capitalism like none other. It converts the art form of pourover coffee which are traditionally made according to precise recipes into one click convenience. In fact, at home – my untrained maid could make fresh coffee by simply following the instructions in sequence.

SSD + RAM for any old laptop

This post was typed for you using a 2011 Thinkpad that can still edit videos without any glitches. I feel no need to upgrade my personal devices at all.

Jabra Elite Active 65t

This bluetooth device made podcasts and calls so much more fun and convenient. More insights into the purchase here.

Youtheory Collagen

Originally suggested to me by friends observing the keto diet, it has helped eliminate my hairloss even in moderate quantities (3 tablets a week). It helps even my wife manage any occasional periods of hair loss. They have different unisex and male variants with slightly different composition.

I have also had a decent outcome from using Livon Hair Gain lotion.