Physiotherapist recommendation (South City II/Sohna Road, Gurgaon)

Hitanshu Gandhi  
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There are three good options in this part of Gurgaon:
a. Thera Care, F-block South City II (Dr Jain 9811448365, Dr Pragya 9599918226)
b. Dr Dipankar, Sapphire, #215, second floor, Sapphire (right above Rasna bakes), 07503785206
c. Dr Vinod, Arcadia (09810117480), first floor Arcadia.

In my knowledge (mid 2016) they are all the in ~300/session range, give or take fifty rupees. My recommendation is Thera Care.

Dr Dipanker is very nice in ergonomics related issues (he does very nice chiropractic treatment for back pain), but I have recently discovered a very phenomenal team in F-block South City II. They are Thera Care. They are at the same price (for 10+ days) as Dr Dipanker and many others.

What sets them apart is their use of myofascial release technique. I suffered from debilitating (grade 5) carpal tunnel syndrome. Even after 2 steroid injections and 3 months of physio I had intermittent numbness and weakness in fine movements (could not open shirt cuff button with one hand) and was advised to get the hand operated. Thera Care teamĀ  has helped me to the point that I was recently able to ride my motorcycle for 8+ hours in a day, something I couldn’t even do for 10+ min earlier.

Dr Vinod is great as well. He’s more conventional than both above. What’s great about him is his team’s timings (7 days a week, Tuesday only pre lunch, starts at 7:15am, ends at ~9pm or so). Plus he *really follows up* to ensure compliance on appointments. He fights with you to ensure you give enough time (no shortcuts, no individual treatments skipped!) which shows he’s not really money minded.

PS: Don’t go after big “brands” such as KRV. Dr Ridwana Sanam is a great consultant but the overall experience is simply not worth the premium.