ParkPlus is the best platform you’ve never heard of

Hitanshu Gandhi    Updated
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“Hitanshu, I know Park+ is a pioneering parking marketplace, but with due respect, it surely can’t be the best platform you’ve never heard of”, said Pratyush!

Once upon a time, hailing a cab in most cities was a project. Pre – booking was a must for a trip to the airport or the railway station.

Now, no one even knows about local taxi stands- we just use Uber. No more planning, no more standing on the road flagging down autos or taxis – we book them predictably via Uber.
Just like Uber – you need parking everywhere but without the uncertainty!
Park+ solves the consumer experience of parking: it makes it predictable, easy to book. They understand that booking parking is a necessary evil to enjoy events so it integrates other platforms to make the purchase seamless!

Booking a movie or a brunch? Reserve your parking in one click in the same transaction

Add-on services like valet, challan info, insurance etc ensure that their app becomes a one stop shop.

Even malls get better operational efficiencies working with Park+ just like taxi operators now directly put their taxis on Uber!
The genius here is that Park+ built their business flywheel offering parking / gate management to societies / offices and then parlayed that user base for malls creating a virtuous cycle. Unlike say yoga teachers on UrbanCompany – here you have no incentive to exit the marketplace & deal directly anymore, just like Uber
Eventually customers & parking owners will BOTH flock to P+ for peace of mind and savings in time and energy

All of that ensures that they can OWN the parking market despite not owning a single parking spot themselves! They are the airBnB + BMS + Uber of parking!