NEVER buy AXIS BANK Euro Currency cards from UAE Exchange Gurgaon

Hitanshu Gandhi    Updated
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Here’s the deal – UAE Exchange (esp Gurgaon) are a bunch of idiots who enter the wrong details and then refuse to correct mistakes. AXIS Bank does not care about the customer and has arbitrary policies. Avoid BOTH esp UAE Exchange. I suggest Weizmann-Axis at the very least. Please see screenshots for each step.

a. UAE Exchange Gurgaon forex manager is an idiot. Signs up all new customers using some random GMail ID of their own, and cell number 000000000.

b. AXIS Bank detects this but instead of someone in the system applying their intelligence, the geniuses that they are, cluster all the forex customers registered to that gmail ID to a common user ID. IMHO this is permanent and irreversible. UAE Exchange cannot do anything now (as said telephonically).

c. Now when we need our travel card usage statement, we can’t get it. Because our Login ID is disabled – the “migrated” login ID does not have our details, and AXIS bank customer care instead of realizing their mistake, tells us to get lost since we are calling / emailing from third party numbers / emails.

Net result? Beg / follow up UAE Exchange every single time for a statement.We will be royally screwed if there’s fraud on that card because AXIS will refuse to help us as we are “THIRD PARTIES”.

Why? Because an idiot at the first step did not bother to enter correct details, and Axis Bank customer care could not care less or apply their brain.

Please stay super vigilant about your currency card when you purchase it next time. Avoid UAE Exchange till they stop this stupid practice.

Exhibit A (see phone / cell / email address  -the root cause of the problem)


Exhibit B1: Note migration of internet banking IDs by Axis bank (had this not happened, things would’ve been fine)


Exhibit B2: Not able to login


Exhibit C: The standard password regeneration approach fails – because this ID is not linked to a single currency card, but possibly dozens or hundreds of them.

Exhibit C2: Now you would’ve thought – some boffin would, per our request note the fake phone/ generic email ID data and point it out? No – axis bank customer care follows rules and does not help the customer even in the face of overwhelmingly stupid data staring them in the face.