#stopvaccinewastage How do we minimize wasted COVID19 vaccine doses

Hitanshu Gandhi    Updated
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India administered 6.5 cr doses with 6.5% wastage (1% target) i.e 3.6 million doses avoidably wasted

How can product / #distribution / hyperlocal / microeconomics thinking minimize #vaccinewastage?

Newspaper articles mention usual government approaches – make patients wait, ask them to come the next day or “better planning”

With a mobile in every other hand, can we execute better in 2021?

Let us pool ideas & get startup ecosystem or tech founders to #stopvaccinewastage

How can we alert / mobilize users nearby when doses in a Hospital have been open for ~2 hours & no one is walking in:

  • Aarogya Setu Notifications
  • Mobile operators texts
  • Small cash (?100) to high risk / BPL card holders. Far cheaper than cost of vaccine OR hospitalization
  • Alert nearby whatsapp groups. Hard to enlist but they are perfect distribution for the hyperlocal content of “5 doses expiring 250m away by 5pm”. We have groups for all reasons – building complex, clubs, religious affiliation etc

I do not expect these ideas to be instantly implementable or their execution to be elegant but to not try during a once in a century pandemic would be much much worse

I doubt governments will think like mobile business / startup folks

Thanks for reading thus far and replying! #idleubermusings