Workaround for Lightroom 5 – continuously crashes on importing files

Hitanshu Gandhi    Updated
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Just turn bluetooth off. Or unpair any phones you may have paired in the past.

My Adobe Photoshop Lightroom was crashing while importing images. Just click on import / press Ctrl Shift I and it would hang, ultimately crashing.

Thanks to this Adobe forum link, I realized that it was trying to connect to my old Nokia phone, and including that in the list of folders to import from. Since I would not respond to the connection request on the phone, it would wait forever, ultimately crashing in the process.

The moment I canceled the request from the phone, it recovered and displayed the dialog just fine. Mind you, I had already unpaired the PC from the phone itself, but unpairing the phone within the PC had not happened, resulting in this hang situation.

Hence, simply turning bluetooth off before importing is a failsafe approach, for those who like to keep their phones synced with the PC via bluetooth.