Lenovo P15s Long term owner review

Hitanshu Gandhi    Updated
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This is a premium device that was available for a decent discount (90k vs 1.3L) thus I extended my budget from L14 and bought this from Amazon.

I have used only ThinkPads for 15 years and I am addicted to the TrackPoint.

This is the first ThinkPad I purchased with my own money, not company money. It is a lovely device which is fast and a joy to use except for ONE issue – TrackPoint works perfectly till it freezes. At that point, either reboot or hibernate/switch ON are the only solutions. The usual tropes by customer care have not solved the issue.

This once in 2 day niggle aside, I love the device and recommend it to everyone.

I upgraded the RAM to 40GB (it comes with 2x8GB modules that are not very easy to upgrade) – I plonked in a new 32GB stick and it flies. Together with the 512 GB SSD, it is a sheer joy to use everyday.

If you are mechanically competent, here are the Youtube links that my mechanic referred to, while plugging in the new RAM sticks: