KIPS Cyber Tools Practice Empty Worksheets

Hitanshu Gandhi    Updated
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Our child uses the lovely KIPS CyberTools book for his ICT classes. One big problem we notice is that the practice worksheets are not made available by KIPS. This is very problematic and is a total waste of time for both parents as well as children.

Children need to spend much more time SOLVING problems, learning SKILLS rather than creating baseline worksheets, which is the case today.

Please note, I do not hold any copyrights – any copyright belongs solely to KIPS educational services. I am merely uploading it to be of service to other parents so their time is not wasted.

This is NOT the answer set for someone to download – it is just the baseline sheet so your child can get productive right away. Best wishes for your Lab Sessions – may your children attain Perfection Through Practice

Class 6 ICT