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Hello friends,

This is my little corner of the internet where I will categorize my quick musings. This started as a way to productively utilize the time in cabs or airports as a consultant instead of mindless surfing.

Here are my latest musings, in reverse chronological order::

[Feb 2021] Why Platforms love friction but will be disrupted by unrelated tech businesses that inadvertently eliminates friction, such as Clubhouse disrupting Tinder! Join the discussion on LinkedIN

[Nov 2020] Would you be okay cooking under an Google Nest camera in your kitchen if it solved grocery re-ordering? Join the discussion on LinkedIN

[Nov 2020] Long distance bus travel in India is set for disruption as Zingbus Expresso YoloBus compete to be the OYO of bus travel. Comments? Please share at LinkedIN

[Oct 2020] How Park+ may be the most well designed platform you’ve never hard of, till date. Join the discussion on LinkedIN

[Oct 2020] Why we’re all wrong about WhiteHat Juniorits the kids, not the parents, who are the real buyers. Comments? Please share at LinkedIN

[Oct 2020] Is STOA school the MBA reimagined for the internet age & a middle class audience? Will it disrupt Indian MBAs? I would welcome your thoughts at LinkedIN

[Oct 2020] Many startups, especially utility startups such as OKCredit do not need an app to growh their business. Of course, an amazing app is a force multiplier but you can and should service your customer without it as well.

[Sept 2020] Digital advertising is the ultimate business battleground where there are no returns to scale. Brands can no longer mass-buy inventory but must compete for customer attention with hungry startups

What it is, or isn’t:

  • It’s a quick 1300 character take on a particular business or product out there and how things can be better or where the market opportunity lies.
  • It is not a solution but a strongly felt hypothesis which is synthesized from observations.
  • It is my intensely personal deduction (and never my employer’s) which cannot be held as the true gospel, since I often muse on companies where I don’t have authoritative first hand data so I could be wrong.

I appreciate all feedback. I can be reached at my first name dot last name at gmail. For any feedback which demolishes a musing that’s under 3 months old, I will be happy to send a bag of Specialty Coffee your way anywhere in India.