Honda Motorcycle India = Zero Attention to Detail

Hitanshu Gandhi    Updated
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Honda Motorcycle India = Zero Attention to Detail

I am the recent / proud owner of a CBR250R ABS. Honda India has next to zero effort / desire to please customers, forget winning in the market. They are only surviving courtesy the technical smarts of the Japanese engineers. The folks here are no-gooders. Here are two examples:
a. The number plate fitted in the front for homologation actually crashes into the front mudgard on speed breakers. See the blue double lined box in the image. This is because the headlight is much bigger than the Honda Shine etc where there’s sufficient clearance. Here there is little. The result is a visiblemark in the first 300km! #facepalm
b. The service advisors at Big Swing Honda and the (generic) document case from Malwa Honda told me of a 4000km service interval while the warranty booklet service coupon says 6000km! I don’t expect any rosy service just because I bought a bike four times as expensive as an Activa, but they should atleast be aware, and how expensive is it to give a document case that’s relevant for CBR owners? 30 rs extra maybe? I’ll gladly pay!