e-Commerce (Amazon) failed delivery attempt puzzle or farce?

Hitanshu Gandhi    Updated
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This happened today, but is not the first time.

Amazon delivery guy calls me at 645pm to tell me his bike broke down but puts in his app that “Delivery attempted / recipient not available”!

My office has 24×7 security. Delivery can happen at the front desk even at 3am!! I think he’s charging Amazon for TWO delivery rides while actually riding down once! This makes perfect sense when you think that:
a. Traffic chaos means a courier guy can often miss Amazon’s tough standards. Delivering in a big office building needs 20-30 min (go to bike parking, take service lift, get entry pass, come up to reception before the recipient even turns up etc) while delivery to an independent house takes 2 min!
b. The average courier guy earns Rs 2.5/km for the delivery. Showing an occasional failed delivery can earn them a little extra money while a day’s delay may not piss most customers off (esp when you’re delivering 3 days ahead of promised date!!).

Why am I blogging this? Its happened often enough to piss me off from different providers. It disrupts my plans esp when companies like Amazon send me advance notice about a certain item, and I make plans to use that item (in this case my iPad is off limits for my toddler till the tempered glass arrives!) but cannot because of such faux pas / farce. I don’t know but I think this needs to be set right – esp from companies like Amazon, or Flipkart.

PS: Here’s a thought experiment. Next time I get that spiel from another delivery boy – I’ll tell him that I’m recording this call and he better not be lying else I’ll complain like anything. Let’s see how things pan out next time. Will update on my next order!