Downloading high resolution image from Amazon product listing

Hitanshu Gandhi    Updated
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Often, we come across a product, for which you find good quality information only on an Amazon page, but amazon does not allow you to easily download the high resolution image. For most purposes, you can manage perfectly using the snipping tool of your choice. But in some cases, you want to download the high resolution image – then please read on. Here is a sample product listing: and the image of interest is this one.

Use cases: Consultants doing competition benchmarking (esp packaging) of CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) / FMCG / white goods product. Agencies building a mockup of a campaign.

Now, the page source is complex and very hard to read. There are two recommended ways:

a. My preferred one: Search for any product on amazon, then open its page. Now, open the source code. Within it, search for hires=” (or just hires). You’ll get max 2 links, which are all large enough. Pick the relevant image. The files with 1200 or 1500 in their name are larger IMHO.

b. Mozilla Firefox – Save as a complete html file: After saving, navigate to the directory and search for jpg files. In windows, you can add a column for dimensions (by right clicking at the column header) and sort by that. Chrome makes the process more complex by saving some files as .download so I would am not certain if the same approach would work every time for Chrome.

c. Mozilla firefox users have a harder way[not recommended]: Press Ctrl-I (Page Info) and click on Media. All images are listed – it can take you upto 5 minutes to patiently scroll through but that always works.