Coronaproofing your chauffeur driven car

Hitanshu Gandhi    Updated
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To minimize corona risks when being chauffeured in your car, partition the air between your chauffeur and yourself and purify the air in your partition

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TL;DR – In order to minimize corona risks when being chauffeured, partition the air between your chauffeur and yourself and purify the air in your partition because masks are ineffective for extended exposure in small spaces

This is applicable for folks who are chauffeured and want 100% peace of mind. I would suggest:
a. Plastic partition for driver
b. Belkin DC-AC inverter
c. TruSens Z1000 UVC HEPA air purifier
d. Recirculation set to OFF if you don’t live in a dusty hellhole like Gurgaon (sadly choke worthy at 6am)

The corona transmission risk of any activity = Duration of exposure X Extent of exposure X Ventilation / Masking (for small duration only)

Note – Masking is almost irrelevant for car travel
The 2 page explanation is available in my Quora post. In short, masks only trap COVID aerosols & retard exhaled velocity of the rest. That means you could be safe even if you’re getting a haircut without a mask from a masked hairdresser (I still recommend a mask). Else if you were speaking indoor, the risks are tremendously high.

Problem in most Indian cities is that the cabin is small and AC air is always recirculating so even if you’re masked, you get exposed eventually unless your car AC has a HEPA filter.

My solution basically works at multiple levels:
a. Limits the direct air interaction between driver and us (masking + partition)
b. The filtered air I get from the normal AC filter is then purified by the UV purifier working at full blast (designed for 23 sqm room)

Why Belkin? This is a workhorse product – has low battery indicator and inbuilt fan to keep cool vs the cheaper products. Offroad gurus like Anshuman use it for hours!
Why Trusens? Product of UK Acco group – very high quality product. Slightly overpriced but most affordable room sized UVC air purifier. My alternative recommendation is the ZAAP but it seems much smaller and I believe in over-protecting my family in such cases.
I am glad to note that Taleb shares a similar setup link (seems to be non-recirculated air + air partition only):…973760?lang=en