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Coffee is the best hobby one can cultivate – you can brew lovely coffee regardless of how bad your back is, how much money you have in your account, or how fun your job is – coffee’s always got your back.

Bad jokes apart, this is my quick landing page for my coffee recommendations. For the deep knowledge, please visit the site of my coffee guru: Amitabh Pandey (Quora), over at

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Why I do not recommend Instant coffee

How do I get started with artisan coffee at a budget of […]?

What coffees do I recommend?

What roasters do I recommend?

I also run a little group, NCG aka National Coffee Geeks for coffee home brewers with two clear sub-groups:

To join these WhatsApp groups – please email me at my first name dot lastname on gmail. Please note that roasters / farmers / equipment sellers are welcome only in the advanced group so that the folks in the Basics group can speak freely, crib or criticize as need be.

Here’s an introduction to the inmates of our lovely asylum!

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