Air purifier recommendation: 2 years on

Hitanshu Gandhi  
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Ever since the mad winter of 2016 where Gurgaon practically choked on Diwali, we have had a few air purifiers. This is my comparison after a long term usage:

ParameterKent Eternal
Honeywell A5
Philips AC1215
Price (‘000)
19 (2016 Nov)
9 (Nov 2017)
9 (Nov 2017)
E11 (95%)
H14 (99.97%)
Turbo mode

In retrospect, I would happily purchase another Philips even though it has two idiosyncrasies: frequent filter cleaning requests, auto-switch-off LED display (not auto dimming). The Mi 2s appeals more to my geek side but I understand it has lower filter life. I have not changed any filter till date, but I clean the filters every 30-40 days religiously. I can run the Philips quietly all night, but the Honeywell, is a bit discernible.

Pre filter is really critical since without it the HEPA filter deals with the Guragon dust, which is simply overwhelming. I wouldn’t recommend any device without it, except the Mi 2s. Their design prevents a pre filter. Else its a perfect device in almost every way except the noise at full speed.