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No BS, no natak. Just simple information sharing - stuff I've learned the hard (or the smooth) way over the years! Thanks for dropping by and having a look. If there's any information - drop an email to admin (at) freerider (dot) in! God speed!

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Highway Long Drive Tips

I keep seeing discussions on many forums about such topics, So I have summarized the following tips from about 1L km of touring between 2005 and 2010. They are not about a checklist to carry, not basics, not preps but more on the how-to

Android App Recommendations

This summarizes my journey in the Android app world and is a quick review of the apps I have used - for detailed reviews, there's google. It is written/updated as of December 2011 and may jolly well be worthless by 12/12. That said, let's dive headfirst into Android Apps.


Hero Worship or why CLT20 saw no visitors!

So tried switching on the CLT20 and all I saw were COMPLETELY empty stadia when no Indian side was playing.

Do we not care when other teams may be playing a quality game of cricket?

Do we like cricket? or do we like Indians playing cricket?

IPL2 had far too many viewers in the stadia, as compared to these crowds. Clearly, we will watch sports only if we know who is playing, and not just if its a good match!

Is it a case of hero worship gone too far?

Cycling Apparel in Delhi

Buying cycling apparel in Delhi isn't as convenient as BLR yet. The best option may be to import stuff, but new options are opening up!

Motorola Defy Ownership

Random notes:

Cycling Gyan - Culled from BikesZone & PedalYatri

This is alot of information, sourced primarily from http://www.BikesZone.com , with gyan from the great Guadzilla( http://guadzilla.blogspot.com/ ), the RNair ( http://www.nairphotography.com/about.htm ), the Doc Rao ( http://www.rashminursinghome.com/ ), the Boni, the Gautam Raja ( http://www.gautamraja.com/ ) and many many others.

Sohna Road Survival Guide

This list is a laundry list of the different service providers I've used and pretty much the decent guys who can be used for local residents.


Travel Advice: Sikkim

This page is a dump of alot of information on things Sikkim, and is not meant to complement most tour guides but encapsulate key learnings
Click here to read on..

Gurgaon Hospitals - Impressions


This is an ongoing live document that summarises the experience of myself / personal friends at hospitals/doctors in Gurgaon. This is just an information data set - nothing more or less. This does not construe medical advice or judgement on any doctor's capability - just a factual account of what happened. Read more..!

DUAL SIM Mobiles: What to keep in mind?

Having been the reasonably proud owner of a Fly Circle for the past 10 months, I think its time to share a checklist on must-have things in a DUAL SIM phone:

  • Dual radios - You normally have two SIMs but ONE radio. Consequently, if you are on a long call - you will surely miss calls on the other SIM - your callers will hear "this subscriber is not reachable" messages. But that adds to cost and for most people, ain't happening anytime soon. Onward.


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