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No BS, no natak. Just simple information sharing - stuff I've learned the hard (or the smooth) way over the years! Thanks for dropping by and having a look. If there's any information - drop an email to admin (at) freerider (dot) in! God speed!

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Calorie Smart Review

This is a review of http://www.caloriesmart.in/ - an ideal example of a fantastic idea that is currently stuttering in execution. I don't know the owners personally, so this is an unbiased Punjabi foodie's review. As entrepreneurs, I can only wish them the very best and hope they work things out. Else, I can see their USP becoming a Unique Sampling (not Selling) Proposition.

We tried them out over 4 days. Just doesn't work. Here are the primary gripes:

HTC Chacha long term ownership review

As of this weekend, I would have roughly completed around 2 months on this phone. Or a lifetime and a half, as we mobile phone aficionados say!

Here are my composed unbiased thoughts on the phone and WHY i don't recommend it for enthusiasts who want performance:

Firstly, lets get the good parts done and dusted with:

Recovering deleted GMail contacts

I cleaned up my gmail address book (instead of just the phone). Stupid android apps and silly me (the phone warned that i was syncing too many deletes - DO NOT ignore that warning).

GMail allows us to restore contacts upto 30 days old but that was not feasible (since I had already erred once previously over a month back) to get ALL the contacts. GMail helped me restore only 200 contacts.

Here is a big link to many ways to do it (FYI but not endorsed): http://uclue.com/?xq=4944


This information is dated July 2008. Do update me if you know better!

Getting there
Reasonably straightforward from the main Sikkim road.
The FUN part is getting there from Darjeeling through Ghoom (7407 ft) via Teesta Bazar (700ft) in all of 12 km. Needless to say, amazing vistas guaranteed. Don't take the other route.


The information here is dated July 2009


Just one route goes up the mountain. If in doubt, take the route that heads towards the golu mandir (on the left side towards dharamkot from bhagsu).

You can also ride a bike/alto up the route. There is a dirt track that comes up from dharamkot as per locals. I saw several bikes.

Not a problem. You have enough shops every half an hour. Guesthouses at bhagsu, then golu mandir, then about 3-4 of them an hour's trek upwards.

Fog Gyan for Delhi Airport

(dated 2010 but broadly applies IMHO). Else please comment and advise updates.

Here is some other information I wrote for friends recently:
Before planning your travel flight - kindly visit

Why I fly Spicejet

... if I am flying with my own money that is.


IF you are getting late - just call the customer care and they will do all possible incl printing boarding pass, getting u a decent seat, ushering through security et al. Done that for self, and few friends multiple times.

No other low cost or full fare airline does that consistently and with as much success.

Buy the cycling SWAG you can almost not afford

The slogan over on www.bikeszone.com is always to buy the stuff you can almost not afford - here is the list of stuff which I wish i should've bought slightly better upfront:

Replicating a dual partition USB stick for Android Phones with Link2SD

So here is my issue. I had a 2GB SD card partitioned into 1+1GB (FAT32, Link2SD).

Why did I have it?
FAT32 partition for data
Link2SD partition for installing applications because of the Chacha's terrible internal memory setup

Alternatives to Airtel Digital TV?

This summarizes my current angst at Airtel Digital TV as of end May 2012 and hopefully by end August I should have moved to a new service provider



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