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Gurgaon Hospitals - Impressions

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This is an ongoing live document that summarises the experience of myself / personal friends at hospitals/doctors in Gurgaon. This is just an information data set - nothing more or less. This does not construe medical advice or judgement on any doctor's capability - just a factual account of what happened.

  • Pneumonia complications in 7th month of pregnancy
  • - This patient originally went to Paras, was happy with the gyn there (Dr. Anjali Kumar), but contracted pneumonia at home in her 7th month. The tests indicated presence of fungal infection as well, which were ignored. The patient was sent home after a week, but came back within hours - on a ventilator. The patient was shifted to Columbia Asia, whose pulmonologist diagnosed telephonically (was on vacation) but recognized the fungal infection as well. Things were critical so injections costing 15k were used multiple times a day, but the baby was delivered prematurely but healthy (by a very competent Dr Chetna Jain) and the lady is now fine. Cost: 15L (before insurance). The poor friend barely escaped bankruptcy.

  • Valve replacement arising out of childhood fever
  • - This patient (mid30s) had been diagnosed with valve failure arising out of an untreated case of rheumatic fever in childhood. Originally consulted with the impeccable and incomparable Dr. Shahi (sic), the operation had to be performed elsewhere - all other big hospitals (not to be named) quoted 3-3.5L minimum, and 1L for additional valve replacement if required. At the Nth hour, the patient was scheduled with the esteemed venerable Dr Venugopal of Alchemist. Only 1 valve was changed & the cost? 1L, all included - with the operation performed by Dr Venugopal himself.

  • Sleep Apnea
  • - Yours truly. I did have a severe history of daytime drowsiness, significantly related to multiple factors, staying up late, obesity, a deviated nasal septum. Made the cardinal mistake of visiting Dr Manish Prakash (ENT Gurgaon). He's rather well qualified and knows his art. But there's a very thin line between being proficient and scaring the pants off the patient. What personally pissed me off was his insistence on taking a sleep clinic (15k is no joke!) , lack of adequate consideration to lifestyle change and a major hurry to take tests/loads of medicines as if I was going to die any moment. One year on, I'm doing just fine - have made a strong commitment to lifestyle change, I sleep on time, cycle regularly and daytime sleepiness is a thing of the past. Of course, my nasal septum does need attention still, but things are much under control. The complete lack of support/encouragement for lifestyle pissed me off - else he was thorough. He even had 6-7 patients waiting even at 9pm. But I'm not going back to him anytime soon, if I can avoid it.

  • Foot corn
  • - Yours truly. Walking about at the office site in formal shoes with a severely pronated arch led to a severe and painful corn under the index toe. Had to switch from formal shoes torunning shoes and still limped all over the place. Dr Bisht of Max removed the surface dead tissue, diagnosed the pronation well and recommended Ram orthotics. Was examined there by a rather greenhorn of a lady doctor (when all I wanted was to check out the orthotic quality) who charged 300 but gave a rough receipt! They make custom orthotics in 5k. Decent quality but would advise avoiding the place at all costs - because Endolite as an option is much better.

    Instead, check out Endolite India. They make soft insoles (I bought a heel one for Rs 900), shear ban stickers (Rs 500 a pair and really reduce the friction at the corn area) and custom orthotics (3000). They even make prosthetic limbs so that speaks of their abilities. Visit them during the weekdays 10-5, and their team is quite helpful. Expect a minor delay in billing though - that is a bit slow.

  • General Consultation:
  • Hospital Consultation Diagnostics
    Paras 400 650-700
    Columbia Asia 400 800
    Max 500 1000
    Privat 550 1100
    Artemis 600 800

    * Most hospitals have a followup consultation free within the week
    ** Numbers are comparative and illustrative only for reference


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