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Why is no one replying to My Bike Buy post

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This post has been created as a canned response to typical posts that wonder why there have been no replies:

  • That bike(s) is/are new or by an unknown manufacturer: Hate to say it but any community will not have 100% representation of every bike available across India. You have enough owners of Trek, Merida, KHS, Firefox, Mongoose, Schwinn, GT, BTwin/Rockrider, and a few Schnell / BSA Montra. There are not many Urban Trail / Suncross owners. Even among them, all models may not be well represented - nor any guarantee that their owner may log in at the right time. Hence, please use the search function - otherwise, test ride bikes such as Trek and compare against Trek.
  • Your English needs improvement and is atrocious. In which case, you may wish to look up such sites as the YetiGuide. Remember we love newbies who do their homework - such as this gentleman!

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