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OLX, Quikr - Random Thoughts on online classifieds

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I have had to use a few websites across multiple classified sections (phones, property, other items for sale etc) and I have realized that there is still no "perfect" one out there. Here are some experiences across primarily OLX & Quikr (craigslist wasnt too useful):

  • Traffic wise Quikr > OLX in phones, OLX >>>> Quikr in property (The traffic comparison is accurate, I have not put those many characters just like that!). Not even a comparison. Source - my own experience of posting ads in both websites and asking respondents where they saw my ad.
  • Ad posting is wonky. Imagine having a gurgaon sub-portal but these websites still don't have all the areas / sectors listed. They should just subcontract that part to asklaila or booking.com, esp the geographical search bit :)
  • There is still immense amounts of junk on all sites - Quikr in particular has far too many useless listings. I mean seriously, how can they allow iphone5 listings for 25000, that too a full 10 days before their. The good part is that their filters are awesome
  • Paid ad wise OLX is FAR more flexible. Its prices are like Rs 50/week for top listing (250/week for home page) vs 315 for a month in quikr. Quikr has some urgent ad funda which is a midway thing that didn't make sense.
  • Almost all the websites have far too many dealers/brokers - you MUST separate the chaff with a well written ad. Magicbricks is dealer infested and is simply useless - you can't do anything there on your ad for free and they charge a bomb. On top of it they spam you to eternity. OLX is the best in terms of not misusing their data. Kudos to them on that.
  • Therefore I posted my premium ad on olx for two weeks. Here is where i started losing hair:
    • Their backend uses clickandbuy.com which charges in USD? WTH - Indian paying to Indian co in USD - go figure
    • Once your ad is "featured", it can't be edited. Free ads can be edited anytime. Yes, read that again. OLX's policies are SIMPLY stupid on this single point. My ad had some vague wording due to which i was swamped with calls from a wrong target segment. And OLX just won't do anything
    • Customer support does not believe in the ticket system. Seriously, my 5-man webhost does a 100x better job than that. So 3 people respond to the same conversation but disjointed replies.
    • Customer support is SLOW and plain incompetent. I have gotten replies in 1, 3 and 14 days - all on a different trip. I mean seriously - how many requests can people have on a classifieds website - classifty things and get them solved asap!
    • Today I paid for another ad to be featured, and the payment is deducted. In all of 3 min, OLX logged me out, the money's debited from the CC, the ad is not featured, and customer care does not bother to reply promptly. Oh and OLX/clickandbuy has not bothered to send me an email confirmation INSPITE of giving them the details?

In retrospect, use them only when you must. There's still a long way before the online classifieds scene in India gets hassle-free.

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Story | by Dr. Radut