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Chennai Chronicles of a Pure Punju!

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This page chronicles ourlife and adventures in the center of civilization otherwise known as Chennai, and our little daily travails and struggles.

  1. Aavin Paneer: Found so-so, though it was still affordable (~250ish/kg)
  2. Milky mist paneer: Heard others in the supermarket rave about it, but the wife rejected it outright
  3. Aniva paneer: Currently found only at Pazhamudir Nilayam, we pick it up from the branch in Besant Nagar just off LB Road.
  • Restaurants: Work in Progress!
  1. Bella Ciao: Awesome authentic food, great ambiance, easy parking, lots of space for Daksh to run about,<3km from our house. What else can we ask for?
  2. Little Italy, off Sri Krishna sweets, Besant Nagar: Decent food, overly, decent on-street parking (could be tough on heavy days), okay ambiance. What we hated? The waiters who would literally breathe down your neck to clear the table and suchlike. Water still had to be requested!!
  • Drivers: No hope in hell. Far too much demand, far too much socialism for anyone to take up this thankless job of fighting the Chennai traffic!

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Story | by Dr. Radut