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No BS, no natak. Just simple information sharing - stuff I've learned the hard (or the smooth) way over the years! Thanks for dropping by and having a look. If there's any information - drop an email to admin (at) freerider (dot) in! God speed!

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Laundry List of Driving Trips

Here's a LONG list of driving trips that we have undertaken in our 1.1 Lakh km journey with the car:

Lost taskbar/filetype icons for your programs? Solve it!

So my icons had disappeared, and I was only seeing generic icons because I had mistakenly cleaned up non-needed files among C:\Windows\Installer resulting in the following icons for programs such as Excel, Word, Office, Skype, Lotus Notes etc:

Chennai Chronicles of a Pure Punju!

This page chronicles ourlife and adventures in the center of civilization otherwise known as Chennai, and our little daily travails and struggles.

Chronicles of Enablement

This page chronicles the enabling journey of cyclists on Bikeszone, to help folks realize the value of investing in quality cycling gear, and remind them to "never say never", and why they should "buy the best they can almost not afford". If you like cycling, you will get into it and spend ever larger sums - better to start from a better point. A GOOD cycle (lightweight, quality components) can make the difference between a rust bucket wasting away in the balcony and a cycle you ride every single day.

Why is no one replying to My Bike Buy post

This post has been created as a canned response to typical posts that wonder why there have been no replies:

The Big Ready Meal review compendium

With my recent international travel, I have come to depend heavily on "ready meals" or MTR packets as most folks colloquially refer to them. Here is a list of recent products I have tried. This could be of use to some travelers somewhere, or at least for me on a future trip:

OLX, Quikr - Random Thoughts on online classifieds

I have had to use a few websites across multiple classified sections (phones, property, other items for sale etc) and I have realized that there is still no "perfect" one out there. Here are some experiences across primarily OLX & Quikr (craigslist wasnt too useful):

Buy The Best You can Almost Not Afford

The above is generally a fail-safe strategy. It is something that has often been used on bikeszone.com for newbies, who are often perplexed ("But I only have 20k! But this looks so nice!...). This is a collective thought many of us have formulated over the years. Most of what follows may seem obvious on reading - yet one wonders what the incremental money gets there. Its a fair question - so here are concrete examples of what a bit more money gets you for different items:


How To Select A BikeShop

The following are my latest thoughts on the criteria (in broadly decreasing order) on selecting a (local) bike shop to patronize:

Comparison of Cycles available in Indian Market

This thread compares almost all non-BSO cycles available in the Indian market as of July 2012. This database may of course, be incomplete, or out of date. In which case, direct your flamethrowers to admin AT freerider DOHT in and I will update it when I get around to it. It is almost exclusively focused on bikeszone and includes reviews I think are good.

This is clearly a placeholder at the moment. It will be mostly done by 1st August 2012.


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